Free The Tone HB-2 Heat Blaster

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Absolutely next level engineering from these guys! Welcome to the arsenal: Free The Tone pedals. Aptly named, these boutique stompboxes are meticulously crafted with all of the subtle details in mind. With all of the tools necessary to shape your tone, Free The Tone has a pedal for every style of playing, and any sound that you could possibly dream up.

The HB-2 dishes out plenty of thick, usable and highly malleable distortion; dial it down for a lighter, creamier overdrive sound. A high-cut switch attenuates the presence frequencies in order to produce a mellow tone that retains good projection. With the high-cut switch engaged you can use the tone control to achieve the desired amount of equalization and shaping. The low-cut switch affects the low frequencies, making it easy to attain an ideal blend with other instruments for a well-balanced overall sound. A special true bypass circuit is adopted to switch the effect on and off, so the signal only passes through one set of contacts when bypassed

Input Impedance: 330kΩ
Output Impedance: 10k
Controls: DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL, Hi Cut Switch, Low Cut Switch
Connectors: ¼-inch phone jack (INPUT and OUTPUT), DC9V input jack (AC adaptor jack)
Power Supply: 9V battery or AC adaptor
Power Consumption: DC9V, 7mA applox.
Dimensions: 123 (D) x 100 (W) x 52 (H) mmÜóó(including footswitch, jack and rubber feet)

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