Free The Tone SG-1C Silky Groove Compressor

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The Silky Groove compressor is finally here! Free The Tone continues to make incredible pedals and the Silky Groove is no exception. They listened to your requests and have incorporated a dry mix circuit. This dry mix circuit can provide you with a wide range of sounds. Get a heavily compressed effect without any dry signal. Or dial in the dry signal for fast and strong tones. This pedal is very versatile, when you crank the Level and Sustain knobs you can get a killer transparent overdrive sound. If you're on the fence about buying a compressor or new overdrive, this is the pedal for you!

From Free The Tone:

The ATTACK knob sets the strength of the incoming sound and the SUSTAIN knob varies the depth of compression to control sustain. Since each control parameter changes smoothly, your favorite setting can be found easily.
The SILKY GROOVE can create silky-smooth and natural compression without impairing important elements during performance such as true sound characteristics of your guitar/bass, subtle plucking and picking nuance.

The SILKY GROOVE brings more expressiveness to your performances. For example, if you are a guitarist who prefers precise and accurate arpeggios, sharp rhythm tone, and unconstrained solo tones; or if you are a bassist who wants a clearly articulated bottom end or springy slaps, etc., the SILKY GROOVE can give you the support you need.

Input impedance: min. 500kΩ
Output load impedance: min. 10kΩ
Terminals 2 x 1/4" standard phone jacks (input, output), DC9V input jack (for AC adapter connection)
Power supply: 9-volt PP3 battery, AC adapter
Current consumption: 7 mA

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