• Pedals of Mythical Proportions

    24th Aug 2021

    Pedals of Mythical Proportions

    Nashville pedal builder Zach Broyles has brought mythically good handmade effects to Milwaukee. These overdrive, fuzz, and time-based pedals are built to the highest quality and deliver some incredibl…

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  • New Suhr LImited Edition Guitars

    21st Jul 2021

    New Suhr LImited Edition Guitars

    Suhr's new Limited Edition Guitars are coming soon! These special guitars are arriving this fall but supplies are limited. Learn more about each model below and call or email us to pre-order yours tod…

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  • Dunable Guitars | Our Latest Brand!

    1st Jul 2021

    Dunable Guitars | Our Latest Brand!

    Our first order of Dunable guitars has arrived! These Custom Shop instruments can hang with the best and have us impressed. Sacha Dunable began building out of his garage, but quickly advanced his cra…

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  • New Distinctive Guitar T-Shirts

    24th Nov 2020

    New Distinctive Guitar T-Shirts

    New shirts are here, and just in time for the holidays! If there's one thing a guitarist needs it's more guitar, but if there's a second thing it's probably shirts. Our shirts are a slim fit, 100% cot…

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  • Black Friday Starts Now!

    20th Nov 2020

    Black Friday Starts Now!

    Black Friday starts this Friday! Treat yourself to some early deals with a 10% discount storewide. Whether it's a new guitar, amp, or pedal, we're sure to have that piece of gear your rig has been mis…

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  • Introducing Milwaukee Guitar Co.

    11th Nov 2020

    Introducing Milwaukee Guitar Co.

    We've been eagerly following this project over the past few years and are thrilled to finally share the debut builds from Milwaukee Guitar Co. Inspired by the Franco-Germanic industrial style that is…

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  • A Sale of 2020 Proportions!

    4th Nov 2020

    A Sale of 2020 Proportions!

    Does 2020 have you exhausted? Take a break and clear your head with a new guitar. To bring some relief Distinctive Guitar is offering a sale of 2020 proportions! We've dropped the price on some amazin…

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  • The Showroom Has Reopened! (Kind of)

    19th May 2020

    The Showroom Has Reopened! (Kind of)

    Good news! After two months of a temporary closure, we will begin reopening our storefront—just in time to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend."Opening” will mean something different than in the past (…

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  • 10% Off All Suhr Recording Gear

    12th May 2020

    10% Off All Suhr Recording Gear

    As we are all spending a lot more time in our home recording spaces, living rooms, and bedrooms, we all need to find ways to make it work and to stay creative. Whether or not you’re a seasoned…

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