Fender Custom Shop '69 Stratocaster Relic Graffiti Yellow

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Outstanding example of Custom Shop artistry here, starting with the incredible finish and remarkably accurate aging. This is a Limited Edition Stratocaster Relic. Think all the vibe and familiarity of the iconic vintage Fenders, but in a more modern and much more playable package. This guitar has an ultra comfortable 60s neck carve and great maple board that really enhances the clarity and articulation. The pickups are extremely balanced and versatile allowing for that signature quack in positions 2 and 4 while also offering a healthy dose of blues and searing midrange in the neck and bridge positions. This set of pickups is especially inspiring because the bridge pickup actually has enough bite to cut through the mix and never gets too thin or shrill. As such, this guitar is perfect for both stage and studio work.

Guitar is near mint and all the aging is factory, no real fret wear to speak of and comes with everything shown including the COA and OHSC.

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