1998 Fender Custom Shop 1958 Stratocaster Reissue Trans Blonde

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During the earlier years of the Fender Custom Shop, the number of instruments produced was limited. As a result, the 1996-1998 "Cunetto Era" Custom Shop guitars were top notch with respect to quality and craftsmanship. There's a reason these instruments are highly sought-after, and this Custom Shop '58 Reissue Strat is a testament to their appeal as it is absolutely one of a kind. The Gold Anodized pickguard with the rare, "Mary Kaye" Trans Blonde finish makes for a stunning combination that you won't find anywhere else - the grain of the Ash body is clearly visible through the paintjob and gives the guitar an incredibly unique overall aesthetic. Tonally, this guitar oozes that bell-like vintage sound that ultimately put Fender on the map and made the Stratocaster an iconic archetype. Low action, and an extremely fast-playing, Figured Maple neck make the guitar completely effortless to play.

If you inspected this guitar with a fine-tooth comb, you wouldn't find a single imperfection as the fit and finish is exactly how a handcrafted instrument should be. It is in mint condition, showing only very faint swirl marks in the finish. The frets have extremely minimal wear and the instrument plays and feels like a new, Custom Shop Strat! Comes with a sleek, vintage tolex deluxe hardshell case.


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