Fibenare Roadmaster FB Blue Burst Flame

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Brand new Fibenare Roadmaster FB ,built to the rigorous standards to provide a premium experience and playability to musicians of all styles and genres. Complete with amazing attention to detail and absolutely top notch tonewoods. This piece was loaded with some often requested player friendly and eye pleasing upgrades such as the Master Grade Flame top, Flame Maple neck and Tigerwood fingerboard. The quality of the craftsmanship is immediately apparent when you first strike a chord, it rings clear as a bell and sustains to endless, angelic bliss! With ultimate versatility in mind, additional features such as push-push coil splitting and a completely custom-molded, handcrafted case make for the ultimate tool in a player's arsenal. The devil is in the details, and we couldn't speak more highly of the artistry at work in these world class instruments.

Fibenare guitars are handmade from start to finish; they use master grade tonewoods, so they are lightweight but just as resonant as the finest solidbody guitars you have ever played. Versatile across any style of music it can easily handle Jazz, Blues, Classic and full out Rock. The handwound pickups not only have a familiar clarity, but their own distinct tonal character and voice. You can easily build a massive arsenal of sounds just by using the sensitive and highly usable volume and tone controls!


Blue Burst Finish
Alder Body
Flame Maple Top
Flame Maple Neck / Tigerwood Fingerboard
Fibenare Floating Bridge
Fibenare Y65 Neck/Middle, ALV56B Bridge Pickup
Vol & Tone-Coil Tap Push on Tone
5 Way Selector
Custom Handmade Hardcase
COA and Warranty Included

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