Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Signature Majesty 7 Azzurro Gold HW

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Behold, the ultimate tool for 7-string players. Brand new Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty 7 Signature model spec'ed out by the wizard himself! This instrument has the looks of a futuristic war machine; the Azzurro finish has an otherworldly, 3D sheen that flows perfectly with the contours of the body. On top of that, we have upgraded this one with gold hardware to really offset the colors of the body and neck!

Offering a more traditional configuration of tonewoods on top of an impossibly sleek aesthetic, it is comfortable, highly versatile and features lightning fast access all the way up to the last fret. The tonal balance on this guitar is exceptional, with a pronounced midrange, tight bass response and a very modern overall tonality. Moreover, this guitar is ergonomically superior and very lightweight, making it an ideal choice for longer stage performances or studio sessions.

"The Majesty is the result of John’s unwavering demand for performance, playability and race inspired design. One of the most ergonomic and perfectly balanced instruments available, The Majesty features neckthrough body design, unparalleled upper and lower fret access, economical in-line control knob placement and new digital pickup switching capabilities which effectively eliminates delay between pickup selection. The Majesty is the exemplification of everything we know a John Petrucci signature model to be - innovative technology, versatile performance, and a sleek modern feel."

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