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Zvex Instant Lo Fi Junky Custom Hand Painted B034

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    Brand New Hand Painted Instant Lo-Fi Junky from the geniuses at ZVex. This is one of the best sounding, and most versatile lo-fi pedals we have ever used, with an added touch of modulation and compression. This is a custom hand painted version! You use pedals to express yourself and your creativity, why not also do that with a custom hand painted enclosure? Makes sense to us!

    From Zvex:

    "Any of you who’ve heard the sound of the Lo-Fi Loop Junky™ will understand this pedal immediately... its purpose
    is to imitate that sound in real time. Joel Korte, the extraordinary engineer behind this new device, was able to create
    a combination of THAT chip compression, Belling bucketbrigades, and ultra low-current National Semiconductor
    op-amp filters to exquisitely copy the texture and feel of the original Lo-Fi into this new and extraordinary box, adding
    some new sounds that have never been heard before.

    To get the basic real-time Lo-Fi sound, turn the middle knob
    all the way to the right and set the waveform switch to triangle. By adjusting the speed and depth it’s pretty easy
    to achieve a very similar texture to the original Lo-Fi Loop Junky™. Lower the tone knob if you wish to darken the tone."

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