Zvex Custom Painted Fuzzolo - E029

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Brand New (Authorized Dealer) ZVex Fuzzolo. This is a big pedal in a small package, its a killer silicon fuzz pedal! This is a custom One Off. Zvex is known for their artists and this is a 1 of 1, complete one of a kind edition. What is even cooler about this vs other zvex artist series, is that they will only be doing 100 of the Fuzzolo and Channel 2, and then there will not be any more artist editions of that pedal. So here is your chance to get an instant collectible!

From Zvex: This silicon fuzz has a rich subby ripping texture with an aggressive midrange and plenty of volume. Your fuzzolo has two knobs, one controlling Volume and the other controlling pulse width, which sweeps between swaure wave and a narrow/wide pulse shape. For use with Bass or active pickups, open the unit's bottom lid and move the back jumper from P to A. For use with Guitar or passive pickups, make sure the jumper is on P.

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