Lowden S-35M Robson Open Gear Tuners Fiddleback Mahogany

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Brand new Lowden S-35M with open-gear Robson tuners. This guitar is a tremendous representation of the incredible workmanship of these instruments - with a small body size, the tone is articulate and deep, one that can fill a room with ease. The Fiddleback Mahogany is marked by beautiful figuring and makes for a very round and traditional sound - the highs are pleasantly vocal in nature and the bass does not get boomy or muddy. Right out of the box we were taken aback by the play feel, tone, and aesthetic of these guitars!

What George says:

"Over the years when I was asked to make a guitar with a “hardwood” soundboard I was always wary - simply because of the stiffness and density of most hardwoods. “Would the hardwood soundboards vibrate freely - would they give a warm response?” In general I shied away from using them in the past. Then came along this fiddleback mahogany which seemed to have quite a mild easy grain structure. What has surprised me is just how warm and responsive this particular type of central American mahogany is. There is none of the hardness you might expect and of course because of that, the voicing of the internal struts is easier as well. Beautiful looking and beautifully responsive!"


Fiddleback Mahogany Back / Sides
Fiddleback Mahogany Soundboard
Abalone, Rosewood Rosette
Rosewood Binding
Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple Purfling
Robson Open Gear Tuners
Rosewood Bridge
5pc Mahogany / Rosewood Neck
Ebony Headstock Veneer

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