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Lowden F-23C Cutaway Walnut/Red Cedar Natural

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    Brand new Lowden F-23C featuring stunning Walnut back and sides and a master grade Cedar soundboard. This guitar is a tremendous representation of the incredible workmanship of these instruments - with a medium body size, the tone is articulate and deep, one that can fill a room with a grand piano-like tonality. The Walnut body is marked by beautiful figuring and makes for a very round and traditional sound - the highs are pleasantly vocal in nature and the bass does not get boomy or muddy. Right out of the box we were taken aback by the play feel, tone, and aesthetic of these guitars!

    What George says:

    "The O23 has become a great favorite for its deep resonant and complex tone, rather like a slightly mellower version of the 22. Sweet, warm, clear, quite light and yet complex. As an alternative the O35 w/c with its AAAA tonewoods will be a little clearer and more defined. The F23 is a little more ‘punchy’ and focused in common with all the mid sized Frange. The F35 W/SS is an alternative choice if you would like all the focusedprojection and yet with a tad extra clarity. The S23 is the first small bodied steel string I designed. I adjusted the soundboxgeometry and voicing to accentuate bass - I knew in a concert sized body the treble would be good anyway. The S23 with its medium hard AAA walnut back and sides and cedar top is warm, very loud and well balanced."


    Premium Walnut Back/Sides
    Red Cedar Soundboard
    Mahogany/Rosewood Neck
    Ebony Fingerboard
    Figured Sycamore Binding
    GL Standard Neck Profile
    Sycamore/Walnut/Rosewood/Mahogany Binding
    Gotoh Gold 381 Tuners
    Ebony Buttons

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