Fender Masterbuilt SRV "Lenny" Tribute Stratocaster

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What a killer piece of history from the Fender Custom Shop! The "Lenny" Strat was a particularly special instrument to Stevie Ray Vaughan as it is the ultimate representation of Stevie's love of not only the instrument, but also his wife, Lenora. Lenora, or "Lenny," had given him the guitar as a gift on his 26th birthday, and it became a mainstay for the up-and-coming blues virtuoso. This Strat was subsequently a staple instrument on a number of Vaughan's tracks, including one of the same name.

This Masterbuilt blues machine is an astonishingly accurate replica of that exact guitar - from the sanded finish and eye-catching mandolin body inlay behind the bridge, right down to Stevie's signature on the neckplate, and the unique wear pattern on the fingerboard and body, reminiscent of his playing style. The fit and finish of this instrument is unmatched. The pickups dish out the Holy Grail of Fender bell-tone chime in combination with that warm, bluesy grit. It plays like a dream and the expertly performed relic job makes you feel as though you're playing THE very guitar with which SRV once toured the world.

This one came to us from private collection. The collector's father-in-law was on the board of directors at Fender and acquired it directly from the factory. It was never given to a dealer before it came to us, it's literally brand new from the factory, never played, never touched. Incredibly rare opportunity to own a true collector guitar with incredible provenance and original Fender issue price of $17,000! Please take note that EVERYTHING IS STILL SEALED!

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