Tom Anderson Drop T Honey Burst Quilt

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A real stunner from the gifted hands of Tom Anderson. This Drop T Tele is in near mint condition and hasn't been played much, with very light finish swirling and a minuscule ding above the volume knob. The guitar shines and plays beautifully. Today this guitar would have an MSRP of $4339! The highly desirable Quilted Maple top with an Alder body gives you a ton of vintage Nashville T tones, but in a much more comfortable contoured package.

One thing that stood out right away was how much this guitar rings when strummed acoustically. In addition, the electronics are infinitely useable giving you a set of sounds that easily cut through the mix, yet retain clarity at lower volumes, perfect for studio work.

Tom Anderson Drop T Honey Burst
Quilted Maple Top - Alder Body
Maple Neck - Rosewood Fingerboard
Matching Headstock - Satin Back
1 5/8" Nut - Medium Frets - Even Taper Carve +.050
Chrome Fixed Bridge - Split Shaft Tuners
SC1 - SC1 - TF3 Single Coil Pickup Set
5-Way Add Bridge w/ VA Booster


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