James Tyler Studio Elite HD Arctic Mint Shmear

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HSS tone, impeccable playfeel, this is the Super Strat we've always envisioned! As lovers of the S style platform, there's not a single bone to pick with this instrument; it's the way you wish your vintage instruments played and sounded. The body is light, comfortable, and the neck has an extremely familiar, vintage soft V feel to it tapering into a C shape that makes access to the upper registers extremely comfortable. Tonally, when strummed unplugged, you can really hear the loud, clear voice of this guitar. It cuts through the mix instantly and the vibrations can be felt in your entire arm. Add to the mix a set of custom, hand-wound pickups with the addition of a midboost preamp and you have one of the most musically versatile setups available!

This amazing instrument is in MINT condition, with the hardshell case and all case candy included. Well beyond Masterbuilt quality at Custom Shop pricing.


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