USED ESP II Stream FM - Trans Black with Seymour Duncan Pickups 2014

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We've got a ready for the road ESP E-II Stream FM in Black. This bass has been played and has a few dings and scratches (see photos) but the tone and playability is incredible. Made and PLEK'd in Japan, this bass is set up with 70 -145 guage strings in drop A. You can get tons of great growl out of this bass and the Seymour Duncan NYC pickups add great attack and versatility.
Red film on 12th fret can be removed.

  • ESP E-Ⅱ STREAM FM Black - PLEK'd in Japan (4.4Kg and center of gravity near the 21st fret)
  • Pickup
  • Replaced the pickup with Seymour Duncan NYC,
  • Improved so that the front/rear can be switched to single/parallel/series using a 3-way switch.
  • 3×3=9 types of tones can be selected, allowing a wide range of sound creation.
  • Work done at ESP.
  • Preamplifier
  • Active only. Bass/Treble boost/cut.
  • The effect is mild, and I get the impression that the sound doesn't break down even near full tension.
  • Bridge
  • Hipshot A style.
  • Strings - 145/110/85/70 (Drop A specification).

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