2012 Paul Reed Smith P22 Faded Blue Burst

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Check out the finish on this PRS P22! If the unmatched play feel wasn't enough, the unbelievable 3D flame 10 top will certainly be the ticket. However, what we found most impressive about this guitar is the tone. The 2 uncovered PAF-style HB configuration is perfect for both studio and live work. The tone is balanced and can be pushed into any sonic realm that you've ever envisioned. The midrange is focused, with just enough sparkle on top and a really strong, tight low end; it cuts through the mix with ease. With exclusive bird inlays and a striking artist-grade aesthetic, this guitar is not only unique... it’s also the first solid body PRS to come with a Piezo pickup! Talk about versatile.

"To give the P22 a rich yet balanced sound, PRS began by selecting the tried-and-true combination of mahogany topped with maple. The P22's mahogany body gives you natural tonal warmth, which really adds character to its acoustics. By nature, mahogany is a bit dark sounding, which is where the brighter tone of the maple top comes in. Together, these tonewoods give you an incredibly balanced sound. And thanks to PRS's ultra-durable V12 finish, the P22 feels and sounds like it's coated in well-worn nitro."

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