2001 Paul Reed Smith Archtop Artist Package Amber Burst

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Mint condition Paul Reed Smith Archtop with the incredible Artist top. You wouldn't be able to find a single flaw in this instrument if you went over it with a fine-tooth comb! This guitar is an absolute masterpiece. In addition to killer looks, we were blown away by how incredibly smooth and resonant this instrument is, even when strummed unplugged. The deep body gives it a full, loud voice that sustains endlessly. Additionally, the fingerboard is carved from a slab of the extremely coveted Brazilian Rosewood, resulting in not only a striking grain pattern but also a furiously fast and responsive play feel.

Armed with amazingly organic and responsive pickups, that hollow, Archtop character is seamlessly transmitted to the amplifier without any of the complex overtones getting lost in the mix. Additionally, the comfort factor is simply unmatched as it is incredibly light and comfortable to play, whether you're gigging for hours and practicing at home. This is one rare piece of PRS artistry, and there are very few of them around!

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