Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Marshall 50th Anniversary Goldtop

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Heads up, collectors! An absolutely beautiful take on a 1957 Les Paul. The sustain and tonal character of this guitar is nothing short of amazing - the Mahogany body has that familiar midrange bark that makes this LP sound alive. The wood feels and behaves like a true vintage instrument that's been properly broken in, played and loved for decades. Moreover, the Goldtop finish might be one of the best we've ever seen at the shop.

Comes with everything pictured; in near mint relic condition, Tom Murphy aged.

They might have originated from two very different companies on the opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but the Gibson Les Paul and Marshall amplifiers were a marriage made in rock heaven right from the start. From the time Jim Marshall put his name on the first fire-breathing JTM45 head in 1962, it was clear that this was the amp the Les Paul had been waiting for, and later that decade—and throughout those to follow—stars like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Paul Kossoff, Slash, Zakk Wylde, and countless others would make groundbreaking music ramming their Les Pauls through a range of roaring Marshall amps. To celebrate 50 Years of the most iconic amplifier brand in the history of rock, Gibson Custom and Marshall Amplification are proud to introduce the very Limited Edition 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop. Based on the highly sought-after Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Reissue Goldtop, this guitar will be produced in a strictly limited run of 50 pieces worldwide, each one hand-aged by Tom Murphy. The 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop will be available only through an exclusive network of 50 Gibson Custom and Marshall dealers, alongside the Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bluesbreaker (1962LE) amplifier by Marshall Amplification. From select tonewoods, to PAF-style pickups, to trim details and playing feel, the 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop captures one of the most desirable vintage Les Pauls of all time, and adds commemorative details that make it a must for any true collector and the perfect partner to Marshall's Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bluesbreaker (1962LE).

Under the surface of this celebration showpiece, the 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop is first and foremost a player's guitar. It begins with the iconic combination of a premium select lightweight one-piece mahogany body and a two-piece carved maple top for the perfect marriage of depth and clarity. The look of an original '50s Goldtop is captured in Gibson Custom's hand-sprayed nitrocellulose finish, and the entire guitar is then hand-aged by Tom Murphy to perfectly replicate the gently aged appearance of an original 1957 Les Paul Model guitar. Vintage-correct cream body binding is matched by a commemorative cream plastic pickguard hot-stamped with a "Marshall 50th" badge and a two-ply black-white truss rod cover hot-stamped with Jim Marshall’s signature. The one-piece, quarter-sawn mahogany neck is glued in with a long tenon for enhanced resonance and sustain and carved to a rounded ’50s profile that measures .900" at the first fret and 1.000" at the 12th. One of several period-correct details, the rosewood fingerboard carries 22 vintage reissue frets, tortoise side dots, a nylon 6/6 nut, and is trimmed with .004" cream binding and inlaid with nitrocellulose trapezoids, plus the iconic "Marshall" script logo gracing the 12th fret position. To make the 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Goldtop supremely playable, the neck is Plek'd at the factory for optimum action and playing feel.

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