2015 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul CC #34 Blackburst

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Amazing Gibson Collectors Choice CC #34 1959 Les Paul in an ultra-limited Blackburst finish. This LP is the real deal and has AMAZING woodsy tone. The first thing we noticed was how loud this guitar was acoustically, even though in mint condition, sounds like its 30+ years old. The aging and attention to detail is spot on - you can see the beautiful vintage Cherry Burst peeking through the top coat of black paint - and the tone is 100% vintage PAF Les Paul. The neck pickup is bluesy and vocal and the bridge pickup has a fantastically usable midrange that is not harsh. The tone is perfectly balanced and sits nicely in the mix, with a searing hot bite that cuts when it needs to. These CC runs often sell out immediately and are difficult to find. Save big off the street price! Comes with everything shown including OHSC and COA.

In 1960, at the request of its original owner, Gibson did what would be unthinkable today; they painted an Ebony finish over a beautiful Sunburst Les Paul. At the time however, the motivation for this odd special order was simple, as the player placing it couldn’t afford the higher cost of a Les Paul Custom but had fallen in love with the shiny Black nitrocellulose finish. Over time, evidence of what lies beneath the factory applied Ebony finish began to present itself and a very sought after 1960 Les Paul was in the making. Today, a guitar known as “Blackburst” resides in private collection.

To celebrate this exceptional guitar, Gibson Custom is pleased to offer a very limited run of the "Blackburst". Each guitar comes with a before photo, showing the original Burst finish and top underneath the Ebony. A Collector's Choice COA is also included.

Be sure to check out the Cherry Burst finish "before" photo (included)

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