1996 Fender USA 50th Anniversary 1962 Reissue Stratocaster Sunburst

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Attention collectors! 50th Anniversary 1962 Reissue - the anniversary models are some of the finest playing Strats we have come across! This is a rare specimen in near mint condition with only light swirl marks in the finish and no other discernible play wear. The fingerboard and frets are in fantastic shape, and the sound is absolutely unparalleled. If you want that chimey, iconic sound of a single coil... there's just no other way about it.

One of the things that immediately stood out to us was the neck feel and the resonance - unlike the majority of modern Stratocasters, this one has slightly rolled edges that make the overall playability infinitely more comfortable for lead playing and complex chording. Additionally, the guitar resonates and sustains like a properly worn-in, vintage instrument that has spent most of its life on the road.

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