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Crazy Tube Circuits Blackface Stardust Overdrive V2

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The Stardust was built with practicality in mind, as well as the ability to dial in that harmonic-rich, crunchy tube tone without having to spend thousands on a true vintage Blackface or Tweed amp. And let's face it - how often do we get the opportunity to crank one of those to 11? Furthermore, these pedals are outstanding when stacked, making it intuitive and simple to design your own, unique sound. This is tone engineering at its finest.

"Maxing out an American Blackface amp is truly an experience to remember. The harmonics and dynamic response are uncomparable.
Blackface Stardust is designed to sound and respond exactly like that. Set gain and tone and then control everything from your guitar. Sparkly clean to crunchy mean are all there."

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