Mythos SusMaryOsep! V2 - Boost / Drive / Delay

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Mythos Pedals are bringing back the SusMaryOsep! This pedals was designed in collaboration with guitarists RJ Ronquillo. The V2 version features a Silicon Treble Booster with 3 way voicing switch, a modded version of our Herculean overdrive, and an Analog voiced Echo pedal.

This pedal is perfect to throw in your gigbag and head to a jam. Everything you could need to jump on a session or gig! The SusMaryOsep has endless tonal options, stack the boost with the drive or hit the delay with some killer distortion, it's basically a mini board in one enclosure!

You can adjust the treble booster to your tastes with two internal gain and bias trimmers that don’t require any tools to use.


Silicon Treble booster with 3 way voicing switch
Internal Gain and Bias Controls for the Booster
-Boost Level
-3 way voice switch
Updated Herculean V2 with more open voicing
-Overdrive Level
Echo circuit features a PT2399 chip with approx. 450ms of delay time. External Mix slider with side accessible Time and Feedback trimpots.
-Echo level
-9v DC
-Top Mount Jacks
-True Bypass Switching
-Top quality jacks, switches, pots, and components throughout.

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