Mythos Haphaestus - Variable Voltage Fuzz

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The Hephaestus Variable Voltage Fuzz is now part of the standard Mythos Pedal range. In a compact mini form!

Based on the Bosstone circuit this variable voltage fuzz is a relatively simple circuit combining a NPN and PNP transistor pair to get some pretty great classic fuzz tones.

The WARNING knob on the face of the pedal does not control volume or amount of gain, it controls voltage feeding the circuit! When maxed out the circuit sounds like the best of the classic circuit, but as you turn the knob down and adjust the overall voltage entering the circuit. At around 1 o’clock a sub octave begins to be introduced. When and where it appears will be very dependent on your guitar and amp setup but it creates a sub octave synth effect that is unlike anything we’ve ever tried from a simple analog device. Further reducing the voltage or WARNING knob will cause even more octave things to happen while reducing the overall gain of the circuit. Internally there is a master volume so you can adjust the overall output of the pedal. It is a loud little pedal. The master is set at 50% from the factory.


Hand measured silicon NPN Transistor
Internal output volume pot
Approx. <10 mA Current Draw
True Bypass Switching

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