Mythos Herculean Deluxe Overdrive

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We've got the all new Herculean Deluxe Overdrive from Mythos pedals. This dual overdrive combines the legendary tones a bluesbreaker inspired pedal on the right side (Runestone) with Mythos take on a "D" style amp overdrive on the left. You can use each side independantly or stack them in which ever order you want to dial in your perfect overdrive sound!

From Mythos:
The Herculean Deluxe combines updated versions of our Herculean and Runestone overdrives.
Giving you a "D"-Style amp like overdrive with a heavily tweaked classic Blues Breaker circuit. Both feature an assortment of internal adjustments and order switcher on the face of pedal to craft the tone to your exact needs.
Internally the Herculean Deluxe Overdrive features a 4-Way Dip Switch. This lets you shape the clipping for both sides of the unit. Pick any or none to make the pedal truly yours.

The Runestone side features both Soft and Hard Clipping options and the Herculean side offers a classic silicon soft clipping feel or "Zen" clipping that features MOSFET/ NOS Germanium Diodes.

Left Side - Herculean Side

Level - Adjusts output of Herculean side
Drive - Controls gain of Herculean side.
Clarity - Change Treble content of Herculean side.
Bass - Cut or boost low end of Herculean side.
Right Side - Runestone Side

Level - Adjusts output of Runestone side.
Drive - Control the gain of Runestone side.
Order - Switched Right is Runestone first, Switched Left is Herculean first.
Voice - Shape Top End of Runestone side.
Internal Controls

Clipping Switches - Choose clipping varieties for each side.
Presence Trim Pot - Additional adjustment for Runestone circuit.
Runs on 9V DC

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