Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder Fuzz Custom Etched Silver

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One of the most innovative pedals we have had the pleasure of making noise with. The Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder is here. Tons of versatility, tones and all out gain. The same coveted Eau Claire Thunder you love from Dwarfcraft, but we commissioned a small run of custom hand etched enclosures!! Get this awesome pedal before its gone and make a statement! Only 3 available - due to the hand made nature of this process, finish/design may vary slightly from pedal to pedal.

From Dwarfcraft:
The Smashing Machine. Like a fire in your belly. I’m pretty much in love with this pedal, so forgive me if I seem to be up my own ass about it.

ECT is the result of my wish to rectify a few issues I’ve had with other fuzz boxes, notably a mid scoop.

“But Old Pal Aen, some times I need to scoop teh midz for my metal tonez!”

While I can’t say that I ever find that useful, ECT will do that as well. When stomping on the “BYPASS” switch, you will be in familiar fuzzbox territory. Volume, Tone, and Distortion are all active, as well as the “TIMEWARP” toggle, which flips between the traditional hi-fi type sound and a more blunted, ummm, stoner-rocky type sound.
“TONEBLAST” bypasses the tone control, giving you more mids and a bunch more volume. At any time, you can tap the “feedback” stomper to trigger a momentary integrated feedback loop, because I like noise, so back off, it’s cool.

“Trim” allows you to roll back your input signal, incase of muddiness caused by hotter pickups.

This has the most bass (well, it’s a tie with Hair of the Dog) of any DC Device. It is amazing on bass guitar. It's being used by Earth, Boris, Juan Alderete, and Russian Circles, to name a few.

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