Death By Audio Soundwave Breakdown Fuzz

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This pedal does pretty much what it says on the case....breaks down soundwaves. Unleash some crazy fuzzy tones and spark some creativity by throwing this monster of a fuzz box in front of your amp.

From DBA: The Soundwave Breakdown takes the idea of a screaming fuzz pedal and turns it inside out, utilizing specially matched transistors turned backwards to get its bombastic sound. The exact positions of the knobs yield completely different sounds, ranging from fuzz, buzz, and grind, to bleeps, synth sounds, etc. A vast universe of gnarliness is yours, with octaves, oscillations, and overtones waiting just behind your next solo. Be forewarned, it's only grizzled psycho fuzz all the time.


Square Wave Knob: ? (You don't want to know)
Sine Wave Knob: ? (You don't need to know)
Volume Knob: Controls master volume.
Dimensions: 4.86" x 3.67" x 2.06" (including hardware).
Weight: 13 oz.
Power: 9V (runs on a positive ring, negative tip 9V DC adapter or included 9V battery).
Current Draw: 1 mA.

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