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Expected release date is 29th May 2024


The White Whale is back and better than ever! That's right, Crazy Tube Circuits have just released a V2 to their ever popular White Whale Reverb and Tremolo pedal. The reimagined second version has an upgraded the power amp section driving the reverb tank assembly for more headroom and drip resulting in bigger reverb

sounds. It also features a toggle switch that lets you select between 3 reverb sizes/voicings; from small and medium size blackface amp style spring reverb to the fat and surfy sounds of an external reverb unit. The Tremolo section has also been upgraded to incorporate a pulsing brownface style harmonic tremolo now covering the grounds of most amp style tremolo effects. The two effect sections are now completely independent and their order can be selected. You can also opperate the pedal with a remote switch (matching switch sold separately).




  • Dwell: controls the strength of the signal that is going into the power amplifier that drives the spring tank.
  • Tone: controls the presence/brightness of the reverb effect.
  • mix: blends the amount of wet (reverb signal) into dry.
  • Volume: set the master volume of the reverb section. Use it to boost the signal if needed on higher mix settings.
  • Reverb size toggle switch: select the size and decay of the reverb effect. Select between the reverb qualities of a short 2-spring
  • reverb tank, a medium 2-spring reverb tank and a long 3-spring reverb tank assembly.


  • Speed: set the rate of the tremolo effect. We’ve extended this control’s range beyond the standard amp style tremolo effects, from slower to faster to maximize your creativity.
  • Depth: set the intensity of the tremolo effect.
  • volume: set the master volume of the tremolo section. Use it boost the signal if needed on higher depth settings.
  • Tremolo mode/circuit toggle switch: select between a tube bias style tremolo, an optical tremolo as found in blackface
  • amps and two variations of brownface style harmonic tremolo.
  • Harmonic tremolo hard/so switch: affects the range and sweep of pulsating frequencies. Select between a wider range and more
  • pronounced sweep from high to low frequencies (hard) to a smoother sweep and gentler throb (soft).
  • Select the order of tremolo effect in relation to the reverb section. Optical and tube bias style tremolo usually sound better when placed aer (post) the reverb effect. Harmonic tremolo usually sounds better when placed in front (pre) of the reverb effect. tremolo so-click footswitch: true bypass (via a high-quality relay) or engage the tremolo effect.


  • On power-up both LEDs will blink and then go in bypass mode by default. Hold the footswitch(es) during power-up to change the default function to engaged (on state). Repeat the procedure above to restore the previous setting.


Expression/remote controls – internal assign switches (4):

  • Rev XP: plug an external TRS expression pedal with up to 100k potentiometer value to control reverb mix. The onboard reverb mix control setting affects the range of the expression pedal operation.
  • Trem XP: open the backplate and locate the XP-TAP mini slide switch that sits on the PCB next to the trem xp jack. Use a small flat screwdriver to: Set to XP position to control the tremolo rate (speed) via an external TRS expression pedal with up to 100k potentiometer value. The onboard tremolo speed control setting affects the range of the expression pedal operation.
  • Set to TAP position to control the speed of tremolo effect via an external tap footswitch (use a mono TS cable).


Remote: use an external remote switcher via a stereo cable (TRS) to activate or bypass reverb and tremolo sections independently. Accepts momentary footswitch operation only. A matching artwork remote switcher is sold separately. (Reach out)


Power supply (4): Use an external 9V DC center negative, regulated/stabilized power supply. An isolated power supply output is recommended for best performance. Max current consumption depends on input signal. Max idle current consumption 145mA, max current consumption at line level 180mA.

Warning: This unit was designed for 9V DC center negative input only.

Do not use a higher voltage or reverse polarity power supply as it will cause malfunction and void warranty!


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