Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic MKII Overdrive

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Amazingly dynamic and responsive overdrive that ranges from transparent and mellow, to all out crunch! We can't say enough about the craftsmanship and attention to detail behind Crazy Tube Circuits. Furthermore, these pedals are outstanding when stacked, making it intuitive and simple to design your own, unique sound.

"Utilizing JFET technology cascaded gain stages we set out to mimic the signal path and response of a high gain tube amp. Combining the best sounds of American and British style high gain amps along with a versatile 3 band passive EQ and presence control we created a distortion effect that can cover a wide range of gain from low overdrive – crunchy sounds to fully saturated gain with huge amounts of sustain. Even at high gain settings Black Magic mk2 preserves full clarity and definition and can clean up with your guitar’s volume knob."

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