Stuck at Home Buyers Guide

Stuck at Home Buyers Guide

Published by Noah on 7th Apr 2020

We hope all of you are staying safe at home. We know that while we do the right thing to keep our bodies healthy, our mental health may not be as lucky. To keep things fresh and interesting we've put together our official Stuck at Home Buyers Guide. Check out our recommendations for guitars, amps, and effects to improve your rig and keep you sane while trying to you survive the social isolation.

Milkman Sound "The Amp"

The Amp is the ultimate tool for your home studio or living room rig. 50 Watts of creamy Milkman tone, reverb, tremolo, and a headphone out when you need to keep it quiet. It also features an XLR line-out with cab sim to connect to your recording setup. Everything you need in one simple box! - Shop Now

Chase Bliss Audio Blooper

Prepare to get lost in time itself as you dive down the rabbit hole that is the Blooper. The long awaited looper from Chase Bliss Audio couldn't have come at a better time. This feature rich pedal may look intimidating, but intuitive controls will have you creating soundscapes in a matter of minutes. - Shop Now

Reverend Guitars

Sometimes you just need something different to inspire you. When that's the case there's no better place to look than Reverend Guitars. With a unique mix of specs and styles you're sure to find something new. Prices start as low as $899 but don't let the price fool you. They punch well above their weight, holding their own against guitars twice the price. - Shop Now

Tone King Imperial

Want that classic Fender clean tone? Do you wish your neighbors appreciated you cranking it for some natural tube overdrive? Enjoy the full potential of your amp with the Tone King Imperial. Featuring two channels, reverb, tremolo, and the all important Iron Man attenuator. Push those power tubes to the point of breakup while keeping it at living room volume. - Shop Now

Vertex Steel String Clean Drive

Any pedal is a great option to rejuvenate your rig, but we've always loved the Steel String for it's simplicity and amazing tone. Plus you can never have enough overdrive pedals! Check out all of our effects and breath some new life into your pedalboard. - Shop Now

Suhr Reactive Load I.R.

There's no better time than now to put the finishing touches on your studio setup. The acclaimed Suhr Reactive Load I.R. gives you total control over the signal leaving your amp. Send a line output off to your mixer or interface and take advantage of the variety of pre-loaded Suhr cab sims. - Shop Now

Knaggs Kenai J

Joe Knaggs, of PRS Private Stock fame, started building guitars under his own name in 2009. The latest model, the Kenai J gives players a Knaggs quality instrument at a price never before offered by the brand. There's no better time than now to get a great deal on an amazing new Knaggs. - Shop Now

Zvex Fuzz Factory

The Zvex Fuzz Factory, a staple in the boutique pedal world, is now available in a pedalboard friendly vertical enclosure. This ferocious fuzz has an intensity all it's own making it the perfect creative outlet for all that energy you've been bottling up. - Shop Now