New Lowden GL-10's In Stock!

New Lowden GL-10's In Stock!

Published by Noah on 4th Jan 2019

The new Lowden GL-10 is here and we are beyond impressed. With 40 years of acoustic guitar building under his belt George Lowden is one of the finest builders out there. So when the opportunity came to develop and build an electric guitar he embraced it.

Here's what George Lowden himself has to say about the GL-10:

“My interest was revived through a request from an artist in 2016. I went away on a retreat to think through the design options. The first prototype exceeded my expectations in terms of visual appeal, balance and, in the guitar’s inherent design features, a natural ability to sustain without trying!” 

The single cut pairs instantly recognizable Lowden characteristics and carefully crafted contours with unique design features finely tuned for that signature tone and sustain. Select Master Grade tone woods are paired with integral five piece neck to body construction, through body strings with solid brass lined string holes, embedded tonal brass plate within the body, Lollar Imperial Gold pickups, and hand rubbed natural oil finish. 

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