Free The Tone New Releases

Free The Tone New Releases

Published by Noah on 15th Nov 2021

Just in from Japan are a pair of new releases courtesy of Free The Tone. The new Crunchy Chime Booster and Silky Groove Compressor are a wonderful addition to the Free The Tone lineup. 

For the Crunchy Chime Booster Free The Tone did extensive research on vintage amps and guitars to really capture those rich harmonics you get with vintage gear. Run this into a clean amp for chimey overtones or pair it with your favorite overdrive pedal for that extra push on your lead tone. This boost offers a rich, warm, vintage feel that all guitar players love.

The Silky Groove Compressor was built to meet the demand for a dry mix circuit. This dry mix circuit can provide you with a wide range of sounds. Get a heavily compressed effect without any dry signal. Or dial in the dry signal for fast and strong tones. This pedal is very versatile, when you crank the Level and Sustain knobs you can get a killer transparent overdrive sound. If you're on the fence about buying a compressor or new overdrive, this is the pedal for you!

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