10% Off All Suhr Recording Gear

10% Off All Suhr Recording Gear

Published by Noah on 12th May 2020

As we are all spending a lot more time in our home recording spaces, living rooms, and bedrooms, we all need to find ways to make it work and to stay creative. Whether or not you’re a seasoned home recording pro or if you’ve always struggled to get a great guitar sound, or even if you’re brand new to home recording, Suhr wanted to make it easier to start your journey. For a limited time, we are offering a 10% discount on all Suhr “Home Recording” gear!

Products Included in the 10% off discount offer:

–The Original Suhr Reactive Load– Widely regarded as the industry standard for accurate speaker cabinet load replacements.

The Suhr A.C.E.® Analog Cabinet Emulator– The perfect companion to the Original Reactive Load. This takes the place of a miced cabinet or digital Impulse Responses with an all-analog, tweak-able design.

The New Suhr Reactive Load I.R.– The latest version of Reactive Load that comes with a built-in headphone out and 16 on-board Impulse Responses of Suhr cabinets, expertly captured by Celestion®.

The Suhr PT-15 I.R.®– Suhr's most advanced amplifier to date, blending 3 channels of incredible tone and analog tube circuitry, with a built-in reactive load and 16 Suhr Impulse responses, including proprietary cab blends captured by Celestion® and mixed by Pete Thorn himself.

Once, you called it your basement, bedroom, living room, office, garage, or attic. Now, it’s your studio.

It’s Suhr's hope that these products will help you record some incredible music, no matter where you’re recording. Please, stay healthy, stay safe, stay creative, and thank you for your unwavering support.