Tone King Ironman II Mini Attenuator

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One of the most useful tools in a (practical) guitarist's arsenal! We love this thing. It's the attenuator for those of us who... dislike attenuators. No mushy, spongy overdrive, no tone suck, just pure saturated tube amp tone at low volume.

The Ironman II Mini offers state-of-the-art attenuation technology in a conveniently sized package for amplifiers of 30W or less. A Tuned Reactive Load and Volume Compensation Circuitry deliver extremely transparent attenuation all the way down to bedroom volume. The Line-Out feature provides Re-Amping or D.I. capability. A unique Solo feature provides a selectable 3db/6db volume boost under footswitch control.

Tuned Reactive Load
Volume Compensation Circuitry
Footswitchable Solo Feature
6 Attenuation Steps
3-Position Presence Switch
Line-Out for Re-Amping / D.I.
30W R.M.S. Max Power Handling

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