Suhr Bella Reverb 22 / 44 Watt Amplifier Head Mahogany

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Suhr Bella Reverb - same incredible peformance and versatility as the combo in a convenient, hand-wired, all-tube head unit. Straight off the bat, we were floored by the impressively clean, shimmering tone we heard when we flipped the switch! Even switched down to a cozy and comfortable 22 watts, this amp has TONS of clean headroom, and is the absolute perfect companion to your instrument and pedal board. With a simple configuration, what you see is exactly what you get - top notch, hand-wired class A/B all-tube amplifier with enough power for anything from small clubs to larger stages.


Channels: Single

Output: 22/44 Watts

Tubes: 2x6L6GC(Power Section), 3x12AX7(Pre-amp, Phase Inverter and Effects Loop)

Front Panel: Input, Boost Switch (2-Position), Bright Switch (3-Position), Volume, Treble, Presence, and Reverb, Standby/Wattage Selector Switch, and On/Off Power Switch

Back Panel: Mains Input Inlet, Mains Fuse, H.T. Fuse, Speaker Impedance Selector: (2Ω, 4Ω, & 8Ω), 2-External Speaker Outputs, Effects Loop Return Level, Return and Send Jacks, Send Level, In/Out Switch and Boost Footswitch Jack

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