Morgan RCA35 Tube Head Black

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Another hand-built powerhouse from Joe Morgan! This amp was the result of a customer request to create a head with plenty of clean headroom and a responsive master volume, all while retaining a small footprint. When we first plugged it in, we noticed the tremendous jazzy, clean voice, versatile and responsive EQ, and it's propensity for combining with pedals. However, Morgan clearly realized that without a solid foundation, effects don't mean much of anything. The amp is snappy and extremely articulate, with a robust and powerful clean tone that easily rivals the classics (think Twin or Bassman!). With plenty of high-end tube power on tap, the RCA35 offers enough volume for any application, and kicks into a nice, even breakup at higher volumes. It couldn't be more straightforward; just plug in, dial in your tone and rock out with this compact, super lightweight all-around tone machine.

Mercury Transformers
2x 12AX7
2x 5881 (can use 6v6, 6l6, KT66, KT77, 5881)
GZ34 Rectifier
Volume, bass, mid, treb, and a master
4, 8, 16 ohm speaker outputs.
Dimensions -
Head - 17w 9.75h 7.5d

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