Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini 20 Watt Head

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Chimey, harmonically rich cleans and a tasty vintage crunch! Before crafting your ideal signal chain, it is essential to have a solid foundation. This single channel amp is an amazing platform to shape your tone. The overdrive sounds like the equivalent of a Plexi stack combined with a cranked AC30! Furthermore, when you crank the gain and turn down the master, you've still got that same responsive, super-dynamic drive that stays punchy and articulate at low volumes. It *never* gets mushy nor does it sound like digital clipping.

"Dave Friedman’s Dirty Shirley Mini is a 20 Watt Head version of the popular full sized Dirty Shirley which was designed for guitarists that want a vintage “Classic Rock” tone inspired by British tube amps from the 60’s and 70’s but in a compact size and weight. The Dirty Shirley Mini is fueled by a pair of EL84 power tubes and includes a three position gain structure switch. This little beast delivers vintage crunch and cleans up nicely by simply backing off the guitar’s volume knob. Extremely versatile, this amp is capable of producing many styles of music from blues to rock and country by adjusting the gain knob, structure switch and master controls. The Dirty Shirley Mini was designed to take pedals well and loves boosts, OD’s, phasers, flangers, tremolos, wahs. The brand new ultra transparent series effects loop takes time-based effects pedals and rack units equally well. The handcrafted in USA Dirty Shirley Mini features beautiful black tolex, tongue and groove Baltic Birch construction and built to withstand the rigors of the road."

20-watt tube guitar amplifier head
EL84 power tubes for British tone
Wide range of driven tones from the gain knob
3-position gain switch further dials in the voice
Friedman's transparent effects loop
Compact and lighter-weight design
Simple control layout

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