1974 Charles Hoffman Dreadnought Acoustic

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An amazing representation of a properly broken in, hand built acoustic guitar. This boutique Charles Hoffman Dreadnought guitar is based on the Martin "D" shape, the first style of guitar that Charles built. This guitar is in excellent condition and sounds like a million bucks - the tone is warm, harmonically rich, and unbelievably full! Strumming big, open chords yields a sound that easily fills an entire room and sustains beautifully; the bottom end is clear and doesn't get muddy, and the stiff top brings out the mids and treble to form a perfect tonal ensemble. Having broken in wonderfully, the guitar plays and sounds like the masterpiece, heritage instrument that it is.

Apart from checking throughout the top and small scuffs along the bottom and sides of the lower bout, this guitar is great for its age: no cracks, no repairs, and no refinishing. Don't skip out on this chance to get a boutique, vintage instrument that was carefully handcrafted with the utmost attention to design and detail! Comes with original hardshell case.

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