Rare 1960 Rickenbacker Model 450 Combo Black

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This amazing museum piece was purchased by us from the original owner who played it for a number of decades before stowing it away. Thinking it was lost, he stumbled upon it in his attic and decided to sell it off. We were thrilled to be able to get our hands on a time capsule that is all original, in true player's condition. This guitar has some serious mojo and feels like a properly broken-in, road worn instrument that has seen the stage and studio hundreds of times. Why pay two or three times as much for a big-brand "distressed" instrument when you can have the real thing for less?

While there is a good deal of play wear, the sound is astonishing. Structurally, there are no flaws. All electronics work, and the frets, fingerboard and neck are in great shape. We could not believe the acoustic sound of this instrument! Super complex overtones and a loud, warm midrange presence... it's like the best of Strat and LP qualities rolled into one. Comes with the original hardshell case.

From Richard R. Smith:
"The first Combo 450, introduced in 1957, was a two pickup version of the Combo 400. It was available in the same colors as the 400. The company maintained several variations of the 450 over the years before it was deleted from the guitar line in 1984. The 1957 Combo 450 had the tulip body with neck-through-body construction. Two long bolts and glue connected the outside sections of the body to the center neck/body section. The controls included a rotary selector swith with a plastic pointer knob and black plastic knobs for the volume and tone. Mr. Hall revised the original wiring of the two pickup solid bodies in late 1957. The new control setup (three way pickup selector switch) allowed the player to switch from rhythm to lead, and vice versa, with a minimum change in volume."


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