2012 D'Angelico New Yorker EX-SD Vintage Sunburst

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What we have here is one gorgeous instrument in a rare, vintage sunburst finish that rivals some of the very best single-cutaway, LP style instruments out there! There's a good reason D'Angelico instruments are so revered and highly sought-after... the quality is just unbelievable, and why would anyone want to pay two to three times the price for an inferior, big-box equivalent? We were totally taken aback by the incredible resonance and playability of this guitar - the neck is fast and comfortable, and the notes have a sweet, ringing sustain that seems to hang on for days. With the combination of the pups and the solidbody design, feedback is not an issue regardless of gain stage or volume! Also, we were really impressed with how loud this guitar was when played acoustically - if you're ever practicing at bedroom volumes, it's the ideal instrument as it still produces plenty of volume without disturbing the neighbors.

"The EX-SD boasts classic D’Angelico beauty while offering ultra-thick rock tones. Powered by dual Kent Armstrong humbuckers, the EX-SD proves D’Angelico is long past its jazz-only days. Throw some overdrive on and the bridge pickup position offers endless sustain, while the neck pickup provides a searing high end. Kept clean, the EX-SD sounds glossy and full. Its single cutaway and slim-taper neck are built for solos, while medium jumbo frets make for dead accurate bends. The EX-SD is everything you’d expect from a high-quality solidbody and more."

Near MINT condition with light surface scratches and a minuscule ding on the back. Plays perfectly up and down the neck!

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