SolidGoldFX - Imperial MKII Fuzz

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The Imperial MKII from SolidGoldFX sounds as good as it looks. The retro vibe and FADERS for controls give this JEN Jumbo fuzz inspired stompbox a ton of mojo. This fuzz gives you that thick wall of fuzz tone but retains clarity and attack. Use the Controur and Tone controls to shape your perfect fuzz.

From SolidGoldFX:
True to the original SGFX Imperial, the MKII retains our high impedance JFET preamp, giving the low noise floor detail and definition you would expect from any SolidGoldFx pedal. Bass, guitar or synth, stick it anywhere in your effects chain and feel free to ride your volume knob for clean-up - the Imperial’s preamp will respond. While the tone stack is carried over from the original design, a new Contour slider replaces the mids switch, which changes the frequency of the high-pass filter in the tone stack. This allows you to boost or scoop your mids, with every shade in between.

About that noise gate, this is where the Imperial MKII really shines. We’ve swapped out the Jumbo Fuzz’s germanium transistor design with silicon devices and given it an improved envelope generator, to ensure consistency and response throughout. Having fine-tuned the attack and release, not only does the noise gate allow for virtually zero noise, but it also gives the pedal a unique, sharp attack with no loss of sustain at higher fuzz settings. Align this to a nice, dry attack at low settings, and Imperial MKII will pair great with other dirt boxes too. The noise gate will even allow you to add fuzz to a hollow-body, while controlling the howl and feedback should you choose.

Finally, the Imperial MKII package is completed with dual LED indicators (one for bypass and the other indicating the gate status), top jacks, true bypass switching and, of course, our retro sliders and vintage inspired artwork.

POWER: The Imperial MKII requires a center-negative 9VDC power adapter with at least 10mA of current (not included).
4.77" x 2.6 x 1.39" (121.1 x 66 x 35.3mm) X

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