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Beetronics Wannabee "Beelateral" Overdrive

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The buzz around town is that there's a new Beetronics pedal! The Wannabee is a dual overdive featuring a BB and K type circuits! Each side can be used separately or stack them for even more gain! You can choose the order of the circuits with the Parallel toggle. Circuit #0, the K inspired side has 3 different flavors, mid boost, flat, and low end boost! Circuit #1, the BB inspired side, gives you the option to blend in the right amount of clean signal.
This pedal gives you two distinct drive pedals in one space! It's packed with tone shaping features and can do everything from light crunch to high gain! Get it while you can!


Circuit #0

  • Honey - Gain
  • Taste - Tone
  • Flavor Toggle - 1 mid boost, 2 Flat, 3 Low End Boost
  • Volume


  • Parallel Toggle - Center: Both circuits in parallel, Left: #1 before #0, Right: #0 before #1

Circuit #1

  • Honey - Gain
  • Taste - Tone
  • Circuit #1 Flavors - 1 No Clean Blend, 2 Medium Clean Blend, 3 Full Clean Blend
  • Volume
  • 9vDC
  • Current Draw - 30mA

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