Beetronics Seabee Harmochorus

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The buzz around the hive is that Beetronics have come up with their first pedal without gain! SAY WHAT?!

You heard correctly. the Seabee Harmochourus is an analog bbd multi chorus with 6 different modes that takes the chorus effect to places its never been.

There are 3 Chorus modes that can do pretty much anything possible in terms of Chorus/Vibe. Literally, it goes to both extremes of speed, depth, feedback, tone filters and anything in between.

ROTO mode lets you ramp between two different speeds (leslie style)
DEPTH mode lets you ramp the intensity of the effect
STING mode lets you ramp the delay time of the chorus (a pretty insane way to mess with the modulation).

There’s also 3 Harmochorus modes. Beetronics had to come up with a proper name since this effect has not been featured on other pedals. By digitally controlling the delay time of the chorus we created a pitch shifting chorus
DUAL mode you can vary between two pitches at two different rates.
ARP mode you can select between 12 different patterns and 12 chords to create an arpeggiating chorus
MAD mode you have thousands of randomized patterns to choose from.

This is a tone shaping and musical pedal. Whether you need a dynamite chorus effect with presets for your live show, or you want something to play around with in the studio, the Seabee is like no other pedal! Unlock your creativity with this one!

9v DC
Mono or Stereo output
Expression (TRS) input for Tap - CV - MIDI (TS)

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