Supro Delegate Custom 1 X 12 - 25 WATT 6V6 Combo - Burgundy Scandia Handmade in the USA

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We've got the all new Supro Delegate 1 X 12" 25 Watt all tube combo in Burgundy Scandia tolex.

From Supro:

Built by hand in the USA, the Supro Delegate Custom is a 25-watt 1x12 combo voiced to provide world-class touch sensitivity, exceptional midrange warmth, and rock & roll grind, redefining the apex of Supro tube amp tone. Housed in a mid-century, Valco-inspired wraparound cabinet, the Delegate features ultra-premium componentry, including top-of-the-line Mercury Magnetics transformers, vintage-correct Mallory capacitors, precision-matched EHX tubes, tube-driven spring reverb and a Celestion 12” Greenback speaker.

The Delegate’s unique circuit topology is designed to optimize the amp’s top-shelf components, providing a wide-open, immediate sound that captures the distinct tonal characteristics that define the Supro sound within the pantheon of legendary electric guitar tones. Gushing overdrive and a hearth of warm mids allow the Delegate to sing at any volume. Every element within the amplifier has been selected to provide a broadband sound rich in even harmonic color and deeply responsive to your instrument.

The preamp in the Supro Delegate employs a trio of 12AX7 tubes and a specially voiced 3-band EQ to make the most of the extended frequency response derived from the Mercury Magnetics transformer set. It delivers remarkably tactile response and blooming overtones across the full range of the guitar. Immediately following the preamp comes the signature Supro paraphase inverter stage followed by a master volume control that is optimally located within the circuit to preserve frequency response as well as the dynamic interaction between the all-tube preamp, 12AT7-driven spring reverb and Cathode-biased power amp.

The Delegate’s Class-A output stage uses a pair of Electro Harmonix 6V6 tubes to deliver loads of natural tube compression and an exceptionally low noise floor, while its versatility allows for seamless transition from sparkling cleans into glorious tube overdrive. A dream for players who enjoy the responsiveness that occurs when you crank up the preamp while using the guitar’s volume control to adjust the texture of the amp’s tone, the Supro Delegate Custom is ideally suited for both stage use and studio recording.


  • Wattage - 25W
  • Speaker - Celestion G12M Greenback
  • Controls - Vol, treb, mid, bass, verb, master
  • Speaker Jack - 8ohm
  • Preamp Tubes - 3 X 12AX7, 1 X 12AT&
  • Power Tubes - 2 X 6V6
  • Dimensions - 20" X 10" X 17.5"

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