Palir Stinger Shipwrecked

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Captain John Palir was one of the greatest pirates ever to sail the seven seas, he was feared by all. He ran a tight crew, but would throw the most revered dock parties, in which his band would play for hours, mainly Yacht Rock... But Captain Palir longed for better tone. He needed it and was willing to do whatever it took to obtain it.

He traveled to the deepest depths of the ocean through the Bermuda Triangle to sell his soul to Davey Jones in exchange for the ultimate tone. Seemed like a fair price. Jones heard Palir's plea and agreed to the trade. Jones shook John's hand, had him sign his soul away and sent him on his way. Palir felt weak, as if he lost his soul but got nothing in return. He found comfort in a few bottles of rum but couldn't help but feel he'd been duped.

The next evening Palir was awakened by massive waves violently crashing against his ship, he ran to helm to do whatever he could to steer his ship and crew from the storm. Suddenly, out of the chaos he spotted it. This very Stinger was there, propped against the helm, a gift from Davey Jones. The sea settled. Palir plugged his Stinger into his pedal board, which was true bypass, and flicked his amp off of standby and began to play. The clouds parted and a beam of light hit Palir, he wasn't duped after all. Davey Jones kept his end of the bargain and Captain John Palir became the legendary pirate with the ultimate tone.

Now! You have the opportunity to own a piece of tone folklore for the incredible price of $3574.99! The Shipwrecked finish really makes the grain pop on this Swamp Ash Stinger and adds tons of character continuing through the neck and fretboard. This S90s were custom wound by Captain Palir's first mate, Brian Porter, and have a wonderfully fat single coil sound. This guitar has seen many moons out at sea allowing a wonderful patina to develop. It is time it finds a new Captain.


Model: Stinger
Body Wood: Swamp Ash
Finish Color: Shipwrecked
Neck Wood: Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Maple
Neck Finish: Satin
Scale Length: 25.5"
Neck Shape: C
Fingerboard Radius: 10"
Nut Width: 1 5/8th
Frets: 22
Inlays: Black Dots
Hardware Color: Chrome
Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: Vintage Gotoh
Neck Pickup: Porter S90
Middle Pickup: Porter S90
Bridge Pickup: Porter S90
Knobs: Volume, Tone, Tone
Switching: 5 way
Strings: 10-46
Case: Hardshell
Condition: New


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