Zvex Fuzz Factory 7 Limited NAMM Custom Painted E142

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Brand New Fuzz Factory 7. This pedal is an absolute tone monster and features a 9 way rotary switch, and is a revamped (and improved) take on the flagship fuzz factory. Featuring Russian Germanium Transistors, these coveted gems sound absolutely incredible.

"The next edition of our Fuzz Factory 7, using two rare, Russian GT308V Germanium transistors.

Germanium transistors. What makes them so special? It’s because they turn on faster. Sooner. They get turned on way quicker than any other transistors. Yeah, I got a favorite transistor, the shiny fragile amazing mosfet. But the germanium, bipolar and somewhat easily startled and delicate, that loves getting turned on, is my most memorable transistor. Enjoy. She’s waiting for you, respectable and wonderful, the happiest of all semiconductors, the most delicate and perfect. Rock on."



NAMM Showcase Piece
Russian GT308V Germanium Transistors
9 Position Rotary Knob
Volume, Gate, Comp, Drive and Stab Controls
True Bypass Switching
Foot Switchable Tone Control

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