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Shin's Music Dumbloid Twin SP / Overdrive Special Sukimo Leather Red FLower #1218

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    The Dumbloid Twin is an welcome addition the lineup as it offers two unique channels, each with its own brand of overdrive and distortion - like two amps in a box! The first channel delivers the standard dose of the familiar, creamy and touch-sensitive Dumble overdrive, while the second channel takes it up a notch with a higher gain capacity, and a more distortion-heavy sound ! Both channels have a dedicated Jazz / Rock switch!

    In Jazz mode you can coax tones of many famous players from Robben Ford to Larry Carlton. The tone get full, woody, round characteristics. Kick it in to Rock mode and you get more mids and focus a-la Robben Ford, Keith Urban, Santana. There is quite a bit of headroom in this pedal it can be used as an organic boost to a full on Overdrive Special! The Drive control gently ramps up the gain, while the Accent controls the sensitivity and dynamics that correspond with the input coming from the instrument.

    Dumbloid Special

    Standard Dumbloid model with true Dumble cascading gain. Silky-smooth, malleable and very touch sensitive overdrive.

    Dumbloid Special BTM

    Standard Dumbloid model with true Dumble cascading gain with a more robust low end.

    Dumbloid 335 Special

    Very similar to the Standard dumbloid special. The main difference is it dials out some of the fuzz in the upper mid range Very similar to Larry Carlton hence the 335.

    Overdrive Dumbloid Special

    This pedal takes the gain and low end one step further. Think hot-rodded Marshall HRM. Nice low end with tons of gain on tap.


    The velvet boost is an independent low gain germanium boost that hits the Dumbloid circuit to add more gain to a standard Dumbloid.

    *The boost function can be added to any pedal; just like adding a Velvet Boost to your pedal configuration.


    Sukimo Leather Red Flower #1218
    NAMM Featured
    Two Separate Channels (Special+ ODS)
    Controls: Drv, Accent (Cut/Presence)
    Tone, Volume
    Distinct Jazz/Rock Voicings

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