Used Truetone VS XO Dual Overdrive V3

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We've got an awesome VS XO Dual Overdrive from Truetone.
Excellent condition. Comes with original box.


  • Each channel can be set to either True Bypass mode or buffered, via internal switches. The buffered mode utilizes Truetone’s Pure Tone circuit.
  • Features the custom designed Forever Footswitch rated for 10 million hits. This interacts with relays having gold-plated contacts.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty… even for second or third owners.
  • Separate inputs and outputs so each side of the pedal can be used in a loop device, or midi switcher. Also possible to reverse the order of effects with a patch cable. Just like having 2 pedals, but in 1 housing.
  • Small, pedal board friendly size, with front mounted jacks. Smaller footprint than 2 MXR or similar sized pedals.
  • Comes in a black velvet bag inside the package box.

From TrueTone:
Do you appreciate the deep complexities of a lovingly created, thoughtfully toiled over, barrel-aged beverage? Would you define yourself as a tone-savoring guitarist or bassist with a well-cultivated palate? Have you been looking for an Overdrive pedal that will offer you a cornucopia of tonal options to explore? Well…, we may just have an answer for your longings in our most eXtraordinary Overdrive to date, the VS-XO Premium Overdrive pedal! One of the most versatile Overdrive pedals to ever rock planet Earth, this double circuited box-o-plenty can give you clean boost, subtle crunch, amp-like grind, compressed distortion, and fat, fully-saturated sounds that will make your bacon sizzle!!
Sporting two independent drive channels, this pedal has simple, tweakable controls that will make you think of it more like a pair of independent pro-level preamps than a stomp box. Each side of this pedal offers drive, tone, and volume controls, making it simple to dial in two totally different sounds. The right channel has enhanced mids, offering you extra presence without getting ‘honky’. In addition to the aforementioned control knobs, it also has a 3-way Clipping switch (Diode options – used to enhance the natural compression of the chosen voice), a 3-way Bass switch (to add or subtract low frequencies and balance out pickup variations), and a “Clean Mix” knob (to layer in those lovely bits of saturation without losing the character of your original signal) . The more “Amplike” and very “open” sounding left channel has more abbreviated controls, but does include a sweeping Bass Control knob to round out it’s very “American” sounding ampy nature. Use each channel independently, or activate both at the same time to create a cascading burst of unmatchable sonic bliss (So…, it’s kind of like having Christmas morning every time you take a solo…!).
The VS-XO is truly a toneologists dream pedal. Great on either Guitar or Bass, we’ve distilled the features of this pedal down to all of the best character traits of our favorite overdrives. With all of the possibilities that we’ve packed into this one, you’re sure to find something in there to satiate your tonal cravings and fill your glass with the full, rich taste of a meticulously-crafted Premium Overdrive…!

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