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Union Tube & Transistor More Clean Boost Red

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We couldn't be more excited to add Union Tube & Transistor to the fleet! These pedals represent everything that we love in a stompbox: amazing tone, studio grade components, and a highly practical design that makes it easy to dial in your tone and tweak it to perfection. "More" is the definition of what a clean boost should be. It provides enough gain to drive the front end of your amp as well as give your overall tone a substantial lift. Running as an "always on" pedal also yields amazing results as it brings all of the complex harmonics of your tone to the foreground.

From Union:

This pedal is a guitar preamp capable of sweeping from +5db up to +40db of clean gain. Its maximum undistorted output level is +16dBu and it is intended for use with a tube amp.

The MORE can offer some nice gain structuring when run in conjunction with other overdrive or distortion pedals but it also has enough gain to clip the converters in many digital pedals when maxed out so keep this in mind when placing it in your signal path. The unit is yours and you are obviously welcome to do with it as you please, our suggestion however is to put it just before your tube amp or if you are running a series of pedals to put it last in the signal chain.

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