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Dwarfcraft Silver Rose V2

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    Behold the Silver Rose V2! This pedal is abound with fuzz tones ranging from classic, fizzy distortion to woolly, bass-laden fuzz. The clean blend adds yet another creativity-inspiring element to the chain making for an incredibly versatile and vast palette of available sounds.

    THE SILVER ROSE! Back for revenge, or justice, or retribution…anyway, it's back and it is the new stock answer to "what fuzz should I get for…?”

    Classic rock - YES. 90’s garage rock - YES. Turn up the Super Fuzz side with a medium gain setting, dial in the bias for maximum sustain and let the power chords ring out. Turn up the gain and twist the bias to squeeze that signal down to a compressed electronic wave for single string leads and score a spy movie. Flip the mids switch down and enter the realm of the Wizard of Doom.

    Something a little warmer, maybe? How about the EC fuzz? A streamlined Eau Claire Thunder from Dwarfcraft Devices can be dialed back to overdrive range or cranked up to a raging wall of thunder. Wind it into an aggressive sustained lead machine. Blast the Tone control for the huge, blown out, "Am I going to break something?" juggernaut you've come to expect from the Thunder.

    Wait, something a little off? Need more bottom? More top? Flip on that EQ. Boost the bass and treble up to 10db. Watch your levels, friends, you could blow speakers if you act a fool.

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