Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy Overdrive

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The Ziggy is both bark AND bite! You can easily dial in anything from a light, Tube Screamer-esque tone to a hot-rodded British crunch... all without destroying the natural sound and complex harmonics of your instrument. We love how intuitive and straightforward these pedals are, and on top of it all, the tone is absolutely top notch.

"Ziggy is a low to medium gain overdrive that is designed to respond like a tube amp. Unlike most overdrives it does not feature a “mojo” opamp but cascaded discrete (MOSFET) gain stages that give ultra touch sensitivity.

Gain knob acts as a voicing control adding more bass as you turn clockwise, choosing from jangly and sparkling clean to thick crunch of a tube rectified amp . Tone knob behaves as a presence control adding bite to your tone."

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